Growers Sundries


GREEN CANE CAPS are made from a rubber type material, and will fit most sizes of canes.
It cushions any impact against the face and will protect eyes and spectacles from injury.


The PYR with longer body and new style top grips and CAPS the top of three canes when used together to form a pyramid – triangular shape, with eye protection. Made from a flexible green plastic material, the three holes are tapered so holding varying thicknesses of cane firmly. The PYR 2 holds three canes together as well and is an alternative, lighter design. No expensive hand tying.


The GRO TRIANGLE is designed to hold the canes upright creating a triangular column. The GRO-T3 & 4 will hold a picture label securely. The GROT2 takes variable diameters of canes, GROT1 is best with split canes.


The PLANT SUPPORT RINGS fit onto any size cane and adjust up or down the cane as required. Because the circumference of the PS10 ring is in segments it is much easier to adjust plant stems as they are growing or cut flowers and damage to them is avoided. The PS62 is now with a solid ring format. Colour: Green Both rings are packed one on top another for faster usage and no snagging.


Tripod legs are easily spread and inserted into soil. The legs have steps on them to give extra grip in the soil. The legs also have little protrusions along them so that the plant can grip and secure itself as it grows. The top acts as a cane cap and there is a lug so a label can be clipped on.


The PLANT CLIP clips onto any normal split canes. It supports and guides the plant as it grows and is easily adjusted. Because it grips the cane, there is no tying involved. It is ideal for all types of floppy plants, climbers, bulbs, ivy, clematis,freesias and geraniums. Two sizes available: 8.5cm and 11cm diameter. Each packed in 500’s


The strengthened PS11 clips best onto the side of thin rimmed square pots. It supports the plant during growth. Ideal for Ivy, Clematis and other climbers. The PS11 stands 20” (50cm) above the pot and is 30cm wide at the top.
PS16 stands 72cm above the pot. It has grips on the legs, so when inserted into the compost it will be stable and not be easily pulled out. The plant could be then lifted by the trellis top. The PS17 is 17cm wide at the top and stands 55cm above the pot.


CANE SUPPORTS are designed to grip and hold canes upright and steady in most pots, thus preventing damage to plants. Just place the plant and cane into the pot before filling commences. The pot can also be lifted by the cane which will not detach. CBS 3 clips onto most pots after filling first, in a central or off centre mode.


The Obelisks are made to a classical design and to look like wrought iron. They have hook type grips on the bottom of their legs to achieve a secure hold in the compost. All the way up each leg are little legs sticking out about 10mm which allow climbers to attach easily and grow up the Obelisk. Ideal for any climbing plant. They are easily assembled by just clipping together the two frames and in the case of the Obelisk 1 pushing on the finial. The Obelisk 1 is 25cm diameter and stand 96cm above the pot to the top of the finial. The Obelisk 2 is 15cm diameter and 83cm long. The Obelisk 3 is 15cm diameter and is 65cm long.


SECURING CLIPS are designed to secure climbers, shrubs, roses, young trees to straining wires in growing beds or garden centre retail areas. By bending the clip around the plant or cane and clipping the clip onto the straining wire, this secures and protects the plant from being blown or knocked over. Made from a Black, weather resistant, durable plastic the SECURING CLIPS are totally re-usable. They come in different sizes to fit different plants, trees and wire or rope gauges.


The Budding Clip is designed to be easily pushed onto a stem which it grabs tightly and directs the bud to grow upwards. Made from a flexible black polypropylene it is reusable and comes in two sizes. BC1 is for larger stems of approximate 14mm-18mm diameter.


The POT CLIP easily clips over thin rimmed pots only and grip securely. When attached it keeps the pots stable and secure.
It thus prevents accidental spillage or upsetting by the wind. The POT CLIPS are made from a very durable, black polypropylene and are re-usable. Four sizes available 4”, 6”, 9”, 12”. (The size is the distance the POT CLIP separates the pots by).


SHEET PEGS will keep all types of fleece etc securely in place. SP1 has a 15cm prong, SP2 has a 20cm prong, SP3 has a 17cm stem, SP4 has a16cm stem.

SHEET PEGS are easy to use, made from a durable plastic and are totally reusable. Simply drive the peg into the soil every two meters; ends are best earthed over.


The Pot Support Base can hold most pots from 17cm upwards (2L- 8L pots) and stops them from blowing over. Made from tough black polypropylene pots are easily inserted and held firmly by flexible fingers. Pot Support Bases can be linked by hooking and slotting them together, as shown in the image. The Pot Support Base can be arranged in different patterns and attach to each other to create a rigid grid which is exceedingly stable in very windy situations.


Ideal for holding down mulch mats or ground cover, 10cm, 15cm or 19 cm long with a wide head and shank; made from a black or yellow durable plastic. Just gently tap in. The yellow plastic washer fits all three heads. Use a rubber mallet or protect head with timber block when driving into soil.